18 Winter Skin Care Tips for Dry Skin

Our skin responds to every changing season. However, this response is either good or bad. But, during winter, the skin needs to be treated more cautiously compared to other seasons. The reason behind this is the humidity which drops much in this season. When humidity drops, dryness comes out, bringing fine lines and wrinkles with him. So, winter skin care is essential in these days.

Here are a few winter skin care tips for dry skin in winter:

  1. Don’t use hot water: The skin is already dehydrated in winter, and hot water or a hot shower can easily make dry skin So, instead of using hot water, try some lukewarm water followed by some moisturizer. In this way, you can lock the moisture of the skin.
  2. Drink more water: During winter, water is essential for the body and skin. It prevents both from dehydrating as the dry air evaporates all the water from the body through the skin. When we drink more water, the water level stays balanced, and there will be no dullness or dry skin.
  3. Use moisturizer right after bath: Moisturizers are the best way to get rid of dry skin in winter. They help the skin lock the wetness and let the skin stay hydrated. Always use moisturizers right after the bath because the skin’s natural oils are also washed out while bathing. Many best moisturizers for dry skin are available in the market.

Use moisturizer right after bath

  1. Never escape sunscreen creams: It is natural to escape sunscreen from your winter skincare routine, as there is little sunlight in winter. But, never do that. The harmful UV rays can still affect your skin as the sun is in the environment. So, apply suitable sunscreen daily to avoid dull skin.
  2. Choice of suitable skin care product: A good product is essential to protect skin from flaking and bleeding. This choice should depend on your skin type so that you will not face itchiness and scrap your skin to bleed. Always use your mind while choosing them.
  3. Lip care: Lips are one of the essential parts of the body and, for the feminine, a significant part of catching someone’s attention. But if they look dry, then what will you do? So, always use lip balm for your lips, so they never get dried, and you can smile beautifully.
  4. Avoid facial treatments: It is excellent to visit parlours and saloons less in winter as the skin can lose water during facial treatments. Also, avoid peel-off masks and exfoliating scrubs because your skin barriers are already compromising with the environment. Using them once a week is good, but only sometimes.
  5. Moist your hands adequately: Hands are that part of the body that comes in contact with water yet is crucial to winters. So, it is necessary to care for them from getting cracks. The best way to moisten them is to use hand creams and moisturizers after coming in contact with water. Also, wear gloves while going out to protect them from dry air.

Moist your hands adequately

  1. Remember the feet: Your feet come in direct contact with mother earth frequently and lose moisture often. That is why not let the cracks enter and apply suitable creams or lotions adequately. Various foot creams are available in the market which you can regularly use according to your skin type.
  2. Avoid wet clothes for too long: Winter is enjoyable with snow, but wet clothes are a big reason for itchiness and cracks. So, always try to remove wet clothes as soon as possible. Then, you can enjoy the snow as much as you want.
  3. Never use irritating skin products: It is essential to check the products according to your skin type because winter skin is very fragile and gets hurt quickly. So, always check what you buy and do not harm your skin as much as possible.
  4. Use sunglasses regularly: Eyes are a susceptible part of the skin; as you all know, a single dust particle can harm them badly. The same thing happened in winter. Dry air can cause allergies in the eyes, and snow can hurt in the form of wrinkles and fine lines. So, wearing sunglasses is a must.
  5. Proper skin care routine: A good skincare routine is also one of the vital winter skincare tips. Whether it is daytime or night, follow all the steps carefully. It will help you in protecting the skin from the harsh winter season.

Proper skin care routine

  1. Try non-irritating fabrics and detergents: Fabric types are significant in winter, as using suitable materials can also help get rid of your dry skin. Also, try some loose and comfortable clothes to avoid the risk of physical irritation.
  2. A healthy diet: Overall, a balanced diet is an excellent way to treat dry skin in winter. A balanced diet contains all the nutrients that your body needs. In this way, you can take good care of your healthy skin, just like the saying, healthy food, healthy body, healthy skin.
  3. Exercise regularly: Exercising can heat your body temperature and provide inner heat to your skin in the form of blood. Yeah, it is difficult to move out from a blanket or quilt and do some workout, but you love your skin, and everything is fair in love or war, and here you have to fight with winter. So get up and work out hard.
  4. Use a humidifier: To heat your home’s humidity, you have to plug in the humidifier as it can balance the moisture of your house and rooms. Yeah, it is somewhat costly, but anything for good skin.
  5. Stay warm: Try every possible method to warm yourself in the winter. It may include an open flame, fireplace, or other heat sources.

It is evident that you get worried about your skin as winter arrives but above mentioned winter skin care tips may help you in your whole winter season. Using them, you can get healthy, glowing skin in winter and live a stress-free life ahead. However, if you still get irritated with the skin in winter, consult your dermatologist for better solutions.

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