9 Habits to Boost a Slow Metabolism

We often hear about the word metabolism all over the world. It is all related to health and body weight. Today’s generation is attentive to their health and does not want to risk anything. So, they stay updated about maintaining a good physique and setting the body weight so you do not lose or gain it. Metabolism is a process through which your body gets energy to breathe, move, digest food, circulate blood, and repair damaged tissues and cells. But understanding slow metabolism is necessary, and how it affects your body is a confusing topic.

What is slow metabolism?

Before understanding slow metabolism, you have to learn about metabolism and how it works. So, metabolism refers to a series of biological processes through which our body expands energy to stay alive and functional. Metabolism is always related to the metabolic rate, which means the number of calories our body needs to perform essential functions. Various factors influence metabolism.

Many people get confused by their gained weight, thinking it is due to slow metabolism, but that is not true. Gaining weight happens due to height, age, gender, muscle mass amount, genetics, and metabolic rate.

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Possible causes of slow metabolism

Two leading causes of slow metabolism are genetic and pathologic. Some people may have lower metabolic rates due to genetic factors, but it does not mean they have health issues due to this. However, medicines might significantly impact metabolic rates and overall well-being.

Genetic factors may include heritage, body composition, thermogenesis, and metabolic syndrome. Also, age is another factor that slows down metabolic rate due to less physical activity. In the case of women, hormonal changes lead to menopause, which results in low metabolic rates.

How do you check if you have a slow metabolism?

There are many ways to check your metabolic rate, from simple equations like age, weight, height, and physical activity level to sophisticated techniques like bioimpedance. These provide a more accurate calculation of metabolic rate and body composition.

9 habits to boost a slow metabolism

People can boost their metabolism with some techniques. Here are the 9 strategies to boost a slow metabolism:

Good amount of protein at every meal: 

Protein is the best source for body mass. It increases your metabolism for a few hours. Sometimes, your food needs extra calories to digest, absorb, and process nutrients. That is why a tremendous metabolic rate is required to do all this. A good amount of protein can boost your metabolism and burn more calories.

Daily exercise:

The primary way to burn calories is through exercise and high-intensity workouts. This way, your body produces a lot of energy and helps to increase muscle mass. If these types of exercise are safe for you, you can boost your metabolism indirectly. Also, muscle cells burn more calories than fat at rest.

Eat small but frequent:

To boost your metabolism, take small portions of food frequently instead of having three large meals daily. It will help you to maintain a significant and steady energy level. You will also avoid spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels.

Lift heavy things:

You build your muscles when you lift heavy things, whether in a gym or at home. This way, you indirectly boost your metabolism, which further helps you burn more calories each day, even at rest. The higher amount of muscles results in higher metabolism.

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Avoid extremely low-calorie diets:

One should not reduce calorie intake drastically because it might slow their metabolism. You should have a balanced diet so that your body can burn all the calories properly and release enough energy for you.

Drink enough water:

Water is essential for living so as to have a significant metabolism. People should drink enough water, whether in green tea or any other form, so their bodies will not be dehydrated. Green tea is an excellent detoxifier and burns all the fat and calories to produce enough energy for your body.

Get enough sleep:

A good amount of sleep, which means 7 to 9 hours, is also necessary to boost your metabolism and reduce the effect of slow metabolism. Lack of sleep leads to overeating and obesity due to hormonal changes.

Reduce Stress:

Stress also causes slow metabolism due to the release of cortisol, a stress hormone. That is why you should try stress reduction techniques such as meditation and yoga.

Avoid alcohol:

Drinking alcohol is harmful to health, and it is written on every alcoholic bottle. These alcohols also trigger your mind, which results in a slow metabolism. To boost your metabolism, you must avoid drinking alcohol.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What five foods speed up the metabolism?

Fish, Legumes or beans, low-fat milk, oatmeal, broccoli, etc., are the foods that will help you boost your metabolism.

2. What triggers fast metabolism?

Regular exercise is the main reason for fast metabolism.

3. What should one drink first in the morning to boost metabolism?

Start your day with green tea to boost your metabolism. Green tea is full of antioxidants and is a big boost for metabolism.

4. Does lemon water help metabolism?

Yes, lemon water boosts metabolism. Drinking a cool glass of lemon water could increase your metabolism.


Boosting a slow metabolism can result in a game-changing overall health and fitness achievement. By making some minor adjustments in your lifestyle, you can improve your body composition and build a healthy relationship with your body and lifestyle. It will take time, but when you are introduced to the final results, you will feel proud to make those changes in your life. You must be persistent and dedicated to boosting your metabolism, and you will experience thriving well-being.

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