10 Trendy Jeans for Men in 2024

Jeans are the best way for a person to stay trendy. A great pair of jeans is the best foundation for any outfit. Indeed, jeans alone do not attract much attention, but they give life to the outfit if you pair them appropriately. There are so many jeans in the market that you can choose for yourself, but we don’t know how to choose the perfect one.

10 Trending Jeans for Men

While choosing from the various types of jeans, the thing everybody has in mind is the fit and comfort of those jeans, which means they will be comfortable and perfect for their body or not. So, here are the most trending jeans in 2024 for men, which limit your choices and help you choose the one you want:

1. Slim-Fit Jeans 

Slim Fit Jeans

Most skinny men prefer slim-fit jeans as they widen their legs. These jeans look like fabric hugging your skin and are shaped narrowly. Skinny people seek both style and comfort in these types of jeans. These jeans provide more room around the thighs than skinny-fit jeans do. These jeans are the perfect strike for fashion, style, and comfort.

Tip to Pair: These jeans go best with organic t-shirts and fitted shirts frequently.

2. Skinny-Fit Jeans

Skinny-Fit Jeans
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People always get confused with slim-fit and skinny-fit jeans, but they are different. Please do not get confused with them. Skinny jeans are skinny from the waist to the ankle. People wore these jeans as a fashion statement only due to their less mobility. It is being advised that thicker men should avoid these jeans since they may be too tight.

Tip to Pair: You can pair skinny jeans with any T-shirt. You can choose from polos, full-sleeved shirts, and many more.

3. Relaxed-Fit Denim 

Relaxed-Fit Denim
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Relaxed-fit denim is also known as wide-legged pants. They were introduced when Skinny Fits left the league in the early 2010s. They are relaxed, incredibly comfortable, and forgiving. Loose-fit denims come in many types, such as bagged jeans.

Tip for pairing: You can try these denim with a pair of sneakers and a streetwear hoodie. You can also wear them with T-shirts, a chore jacket, and a designer logo tee.

4. Subtly Ripped Jeans 

Subtly Ripped Jeans
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These jeans are also known as Tapered jeans. They are very famous in men and much in trend. This denim is ripped at various parts, such as near the ankles and thighs. It gives a rugged look to the outfit. Men who want a desired comfortable fit and have large thighs and waists love to wear ripped jeans.

Tip on pairing: You can combine subtly ripped jeans with a melange T-shirt and worker-style jacket.

5. Stonewashed Denim

Stonewashed Denim
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These jeans are known for their naturally degraded appearance and are worn as they are. This denim is not raw but can be the best bet for any man. The term stonewash means the old-school method of washing jeans with stone. It helps in giving denim a rough texture. Stores label these jeans as vintage washes also.

Tip for pairing: While wearing them, try to stay casual. So, try them with t-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, and sneakers.

6. Regular-fit Jeans

Regular-fit Jeans
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Regular-fit jeans are the most favored and widely available among different kinds of men’s jeans. You can have different types of this, such as loose-to-fit ones. This one is a jean fit that fits straight from the hip to the thigh. Guys who are neither too slim nor too heavy love to wear standard jeans.

Tip for pairing: You can pair regular-fit jeans with any type of top, including t-shirts, turtlenecks, or button-down blouses.

7. Ripped Jeans 

Ripped Jeans
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We already talked about tapered jeans, but ripped jeans are their elder sister. These jeans are intentionally ripped and destroyed. To achieve this, the fabric can be ripped, torn, or frayed. This pair of jeans has distinct spaces for rips, often at the knees, where skin peeps out. These are also called distressed jeans.

Tip to pair: Guys can pair ripped jeans with a jacket, whether denim, leather, or any other.

8. Mid-rise Jeans 

Mid-rise Jeans
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Among the different types of jeans, one more trendy jeans is mid-rise. These are the jeans which sit on the waist. These jeans are neither too low nor too high. That’s why its rise is regarded as optimal rise. It sits between the navel and hips perfectly.

Tip on how to pair: You can pair mid-rise jeans with a white t-shirt and sneakers for a casual look.

9. Low-rise jeans

Low-rise jeans
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Low-rise jeans, also known as low-cut jeans, are trendy for men. It sits perfectly on the lower waist whenever worn. The top of the waistline of a pair of conventional jeans should fit around your waist.

Tip for pairing: You can wear low-rise jeans with a longer shirt and short T-shirt.

10. Boot-cut jeans

Boot-cut jeans
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Bootcut jeans are shaped to drape over a pair of cowboy boots. These jeans are widened out at the hem. It’s not necessarily a disco, bell-bottom-level flare, but it is a flare nonetheless. There is a variety of boot cuts, such as thin and relaxed.

Tip to pair: You can pair bootcut jeans with a formal shirt, blazer, and sneakers.


Men’s jeans trends blend classic styles with innovation in 2024. From distressed to sustainable designs, comfort and versatility are always here. Moreover, the eco-friendly materials bring individuality and functionality.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What styles of jeans will men wear in 2024?

The most trending jeans in 2024 are slim fit, regular fit, and straight leg.

2. Are skinny jeans outdated in 2024?

It is a myth because skinny jeans are making a remarkable comeback in 2024.

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