How Gilded Age Fashion Sets Trends

Fashion is one of the best ways to stay updated in this new world. For this, many fashion weeks are being held all the time in which you can get information about the upcoming fashion trends. Recently, the Met Gala theme is based on the Gilded Age Fashion. Now what is the Met Gala? It is a fashion event held annually to raise funds for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institution of New York City. The recent occurrence of the Met Gala was all based on bringing back the gilded glamour.

What is Gilded Age Fashion? 

Mark Twain was the person who coined the term “The Gilded Age” to represent the period of 1870-1900. This period was highlighted due to the economic and industrial prosperity in the country and political corruption. This period saw a rise in powerhouse American families, such as Vanderbilts. Also, during this period, many lower-class families were forced to immigrate to Ellis Island for a better lifestyle. As time changes, it affects the fashion to get changed.

Gilded Age Fashion consists of layers of clothing. Men and women have different styles. Men wear different versions of suits, and women wear floor-length gowns accompanied by restrictive corsets to have desired shapes.

Characteristics of the Gilded Age Fashion 

Here are some of the characteristics of this excellent fashion age:

  1. Elaborate fabrics and intricate detailing: As mentioned earlier, these dresses consist of layers of clothing that describe the materials used in making these dresses. Due to this, the details of the dress are elaborated.
  2. Hourglass silhouettes and tailored designs: Another characteristic of the gilded age fashion is emphasizing the hourglass figure of the people. It focuses on creating waist shapes and enhancing body curves with the help of corsets. On the other hand, tailoring and designing are much emphasized to give people a fantastic appearance.
  3. Prosperous Accessories and Jewelry: Accessories play a vital role in the gilded age fashion as it helps you in looking rich and sophisticated. According to their outfit, famous accessories used are hats, gloves, and parasols. In terms of their matching jewelry, people like to go with gemstones and pearls. In that era, accessories are a way to show status and wealth in society.
  4. Great color mixture and elegant textures: One more characteristic of the gilded age fashion is its great color mixtures and lavish textures. The rich, vibrant color offers you a great look and makes you famous. Different textures of smooth silk and excellent velvet add tremendous depth to your outfit.

In the era of gilded fashion, fashion was a way to show wealth and social status. It is a mode of self-expression also. People pay more attention to details and luxurious materials.

Revival of Gilded Age Fashion in 2022 

2022 has been a remarkable year for gilded-age fashion as these witnesses its revival that captures all the attention and imagination of the designers, fashion influencers, and trendsetters. Here is how the gilded age fashion saw his rebirth:

  1. Contemporary fashion designers embracing historical influences: Many fashion houses like Chanel, Gucci, and Dior are finding a great source of inspiration in the gilded age fashion and merging its concept in their fashion designs. On the other hand, designers are trying their best to incorporate this era’s fabric and textures without hurting historical aesthetics. They artfully merge the lacework, ornate embroidery, and elaborate beadwork in their modern outfits.
  2. The popularity of vintage and thrift shopping: Being a vintage fashion, gilded age fashion has renewed the interest of people in vintage clothing and accessories in a significant way. People are so attracted to the ornaments and jewelry of that era. They pair them with modern outfits and create a fusion of classic and contemporary styles.
  3. Redefining femininity and masculinity: With the help of the gilded age fashion, women are reimagining their hourglass figures. They wear corsets and full skirts to enhance their body curves. On the other hand, men are more attracted to formal wear with high-collared shirts, double-breasted vests, and even frock coats.

Celebrities who followed gilded age fashion at Met Gala 

Met Gala had finalized the theme of their 2022 event as gilded glamour. That is why many stars wore dresses inspired by this fashion. Here are some of them who wore the dress effectively and flaunted their body curves:

1. Blake Lively

Blake Lively

Famous American actress Blake Lively wore a vintage floor-length gown inspired by the gilded age fashion with matching gloves and accessories. Atelier Versace designed her dress for Met Gala, and the actress lived up to the expectations in flaunting the dress perfectly. The combination of copper and pale green added more effects to the dress.

2. Ariana DeBose

Ariana DeBose

Another famous American actress Ariana Debose flaunts her gilded glamour in a black and golden-colored dress. Jeremy Scott designed the dress for the actress and named it Moschino. She left everyone in awe while flaunting the dress with matching gloves and a neckpiece.

3. La La Anthony 

La La Anthony

This American television star exhibited her deep red satin gown at Met Gala 2022. LaQuan Smith designed the dress, and the actress wore it with a matching saucer hat. The cutouts around the hips gave great body curves and shocked everyone.

Social and Cultural Impact of the Gilded Fashion Age 

Being a fashion of the late 19th century and early 20th century, this fashion had several social and cultural impacts on society and people. Some of them are described below:

  1. Wealth and Status: Gilded Age fashion is a way to flaunt wealth and status in society due to its elaborate, luxurious clothing and accessories. It is all about lavish fabrics, jewels, and intricate details of textures and materials.
  2. Gender Norms: This fashion is not biased, meaning both women and men can enjoy vintage dresses. For women, the most famous things were hourglass figures, corsets, and voluminous skirts. For men, tailored dresses like high-neck shirts were the way to be more respectable and professional.
  3. Impact on modern fashion: Gilded Age fashion greatly impacts modern trends. History is repeating itself. The craze of tailored suits, corset silhouettes, and formal evening wear echoes everywhere.


Today’s generation is a fashion trend seeker, which is why they are always ready to accept new fashions. Gilded Age fashion always stays young due to its great fabrics and textures. Designers are often inspired by these vintage dresses and incorporate them in modern style with their new touch.

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