13 Simple Habits for a Happy Life

In this technological era, it is challenging to be happy due to the workload and hectic lifestyle. After 9 to 5 jobs, you return home, rest, and start this routine the following day again. We need to remember the meaning of a more comfortable life. But this is needed very much in this busy lifestyle. You have to adopt some good habits for a happy life; it will be possible only when you give yourself some time.

When you live a happier life, you feel more relaxed, and your productivity level rises. It will benefit you in getting good outcomes in your business or any other field. It is being said that your attitude determines your altitude, and when you stay happy in every situation, you can achieve much success compared to crying over failure and leading a sad life.

How to be happy?

Yes, you can be happy if you face some failure. When someone meets any fall in their life, they become very pessimistic about their life. Even some people think about ending their lives. But that is not right. All you need to do is cope with yourself and manage the reasons behind your defeat. Keep those mistakes in mind and try again. Manage the stress you face due to failure, and here you go! You are happy in your life. Similarly, you must develop some simple habits in your daily routine, and then you will lead a happy life ahead.

Every work brings failure and success within itself. You can only try your best to succeed, but it is not like you will not fail in life. However, if you fail sometimes, do not lose hope. Just try to foresee your reason for dying and try again with full passion. Even famous American entrepreneur and author Jack Canfield says,” Successful people do not just drift off to the top; getting there requires focused actions, personal discipline, and lots of energy every day to make things happen.”

So, always be happy in every tense situation, keep yourself calm, and enjoy the will of God. You can also try the simple habits mentioned below for a comfortable and productive life.

Here are 13 simple habits for a happy life:

1. Start a morning routine: It is good to start your day with a perfect morning routine. Whatever you like, such as running, meditation, jogging, or any other task, kickstart your day in that way. In this way, you will feel energized all day. You will feel positive and spread positive vibes all day when you start your day with the routine you like. When you start your day in a rush, you feel like you are leaving something behind. However, when you get up and do the activity you like, you feel proactive, simultaneously leading to a happy life. You will be stress-free and eliminate mental fatigue. Also, it results in enhancing your productivity.


2. Manage your stress levels: It is essential to manage your stress to live a happy life. It would be best to find ways to reduce the stress level to zero and relax your mind and brain. You can start doing some exercises, give yourself some alone time, meditate, and many others. In this way, you will get positive changes in your life and learn some new things, which will result in excellent time management skills.

3. Follow the 80/20 rule: The famous Pareto’s Principle or the 80/20 rule suggests that 20% of the tasks in any situation yield 80% of the results. You must focus on 20% of jobs to enhance productivity and time management, which significantly impacts your life. And when you finish those tasks, you have enough time to complete your to-do list. This way, you will not be stressed about completing jobs and will lead a happy life.

4. Proper sleep: Good sleep is necessary to relax your mind and body. Scientists have proved that every adult needs 7 hours of sleep at night. If you do not sleep properly, you will always be urged to nap in the daytime. It is not a good sign. A night of adequate sleep is vital for good health, brain functioning, and emotional well-being. It will also reduce the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, depression, and diabetes.

5. Read books: Book reading is a great way to concentrate on things in your life. You will gain knowledge and enhance your creative power. Even some people compare reading with meditation because reading is similar to meditation for better focus. Also, when you read some book or story before bedtime, you can sleep well that night. There are many different kinds of books available in the market, but non-fictional are the best for reading as they include real-life examples that help you get solutions to your problems.

6. Breathe deeply: Whenever you are stressed and feeling down, breathe deeply. When you take a deep breath, you focus on breathing, calming you down. Then think about the reason behind your stress and peacefully try to solve that problem without getting anxious especially. This way, you can relax your mind and body. Try to follow these steps for this practice:

  • Close your eyes. Try to recall the happy moment or beautiful place in your mind.
  • Slowly, take deep breaths in through your nose.
  • Now, slowly breathe out through your mouth.
  • Repeat this process till you calm yourself down.

Breathe deeply

7. Learn to single-task: It is not necessary that you have to be a multitasker. Only a few people can do this because they have excellent control over their minds. That is why you should always focus on one task at a time. Finish that up, and then continue to the next move. When you rush things over one another, you pressure your mind as it becomes difficult for your brain to differentiate between works. Naturally, you make mistakes. These mistakes make you unhappy in your life. Try to single-task as much as possible. You can list your tasks on a priority base and follow that list strictly by completing one task at a time.

8. Never try to fake happiness:  Success and failure are part of life. So, if you make any mistake, get bad news, or feel like you are in a funk, do not show that you are happy. Always acknowledge your sorrow and sad moments. Let yourself experience that phase of life for a moment. But, after that, shift your focus towards the causes and solutions of this feeling. You can try below mentioned methods for this situation:

  • You can take a long walk alone to calm your mind and body.
  • You can share your pain with the person you believe.
  • Or you can try breathing exercises to soothe the mind and body.

9. Appreciate every possible moment: When you start to appreciate every moment of your life, regardless of the result of success and failure, it simultaneously leads you towards a happy and peaceful life. Even French novelist Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr once said,” we can complain because rose bushes have thrones or rejoice because thrones have roses.” So, always try to stay positive in every situation and find happiness every moment. You will reduce stress, create positivity, and improve your physical health. There are many ways to discover pleasure in small moments, such as:

  • Appreciate your loved ones.
  • Volunteer in some good deeds.
  • Start reading a gratitude journal.
  • Remember all the grateful tasks you had done the whole day before going to bed.

The more you appreciate the little joys of life, the happier you will be. So, practice gratitude to live a good life.

peaceful life

10. Avoid comparing yourself with others: When you see someone ahead of you and start comparing yourself with that person, you automatically bid goodbye to happiness from your life. It is the social media era, and it is effortless to fall into this trap because people love to show off their success on every platform. All you have to do is avoid this habit and look at those people behind you.

When you look at people ahead of you and start comparing, you welcome stress and anxiety. This results in making blunders in your life. Motivating yourself to work hard after looking at them would be best instead of being in sorrow due to failure. Also, you should set an example for those who follow you in their lifestyle and be ideal.

11. Accompany positive people: It is being said, “As the king, so are the subjects.” So, it would be best if you accompanied positive people to live a positive life. You should be sincere about your surroundings and where you spend most of your time. Pessimistic people always lead others towards pessimism, whereas optimism fills each gloom with a lot of hope, and it is a famous English proverb that Hope sustains Life. Let go of the people and relationships bringing you down instead of lifting you. Start spending time with nurturing, happy people. Happy is the only thing that is good when spread. So, try to spread happiness with the help of some positive people.

12. Always plan before: If you want to stay happy and enjoy every moment of your life, then always be prepared for the upcoming week. Prepare a list of all the tasks you want to complete, such as laundry, grocery, shopping, or tackling projects at work. These can help you in staying calm and give your mind peace. Also, when you plan things, you will have some extra time to spend with your family and friends. Family and true friends are the best people in your life because they always stay with you, whether you succeed or fail. They motivate you in every up and down.

13. Ditch your social media: Social media is a curse to our lifestyle, and you should ditch them all. Every person is busy on the phone all the time, scrolling their screen and harming their eyes and life. On social media, you come across other people’s success stories, leading you to depression due to a lack of accomplishments. You pressure yourself to get exemplary achievements in life, which changes your mood. So, taking a break from your social media and relaxing in a natural environment is better.

Summing up:

When you grow these habits in yourself, you also cultivate new achievements. You should have strong determination, big bags of patience, and non-stop effort. It may take some time to show you the results; it all depends on your habit of not giving up. Even the proverb says, “Practice makes a man perfect.” And to be perfect means to be happy in life.

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