How to Achieve a Natural Makeup Look

Every girl dreams of such a beautiful look every day that she can get all the attention and love. They want a makeup look but with no make. It is challenging to understand this thinking, but the real meaning is that they want to do makeup with the help of products that do not let others feel about makeup. All in all, they need a natural makeup look. So that people will not say you have used the whole bottle of foundation or concealer on the face.

In this technological era, women are attentive to their skin and appearance. They will not agree to use something without testing it carefully. Due to social media, people are continually updated regarding everything, whether fashion, beauty or any other. First, women and girls check what their loved actresses wear and want to copy that style as much as possible. Most celebrities wear no makeup look nowadays, and the glow on their face due to this is incredible. That is why no makeup look is so much in trend that ladies feel light and gorgeous.

The no-makeup look includes bold brows, full coverage foundation, winged liner, and many others like this. As the name says, no makeup means you use makeup but the bare minimum quantity and focus more on the steps of application than the number of products.

Importance of natural makeup look 

Prefer a Natural Makeup Look

Wearing less makeup has many benefits, such as saving your skin from chemicals and toxins. It is necessary to wear makeup nowadays because it helps you highlight your features. Here are some reasons why people prefer a natural makeup look:

  1. It can help you bring out your favorite features, hide flaws, and make you feel more confident.
  2. Wearing too much makeup can expose your skin to chemicals and toxins used to make those products because these can cause allergies and skin irritation.
  3. More makeup closes your pores, and you will experience fewer breakouts. You may increase the risk of early-aged wrinkles.
  4. When you wear little makeup, your skin will not get dry. You will feel more clear, vibrant, and hydrated skin.
  5. Due to no makeup look, you have less chance of bacterial infections. You let your skin breathe properly.

Steps to create a natural makeup look

Although creating a no-makeup makeup look is relatively easy, you should understand the process step by step to avoid making any mistakes that can be harsh on your skin. So, here is the step-by-step procedure for a no-makeup natural look:

1. Preparing your skin 

Prepare Your Skin

Skin preparation is essential for any makeup. When your skin is free of dirt and oil, your makeup will not look heavy, and you will have a flawless look. For this, the first step is to wash your face correctly. Then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Cleansing your face: While cleaning your face, you can use some refreshing toner or cleansing milk to clean all the pores and remove the dirt from your face. It also helps remove the excess oil from your skin to give you flawless makeup.
  • Apply moisturizer: As with cleansing milk, your dead skin is removed. The next step is to hydrate your skin. For this, you can use a suitable moisturizer on your face. Moisturizing also helps you slow the signs of aging and fight acne.
  • Choosing a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer: After setting your makeup base with the simple moisturizer, now the time is to apply a lightweight foundation to have a glowing and dewy look. Moreover, there are many tinted moisturizers in the market nowadays. But what is this tinted moisturizer? It is a moisturizer with a slight tint, offering a polished look.

Tip to remember: Make sure to choose the foundation that matches your skin tone. If you have a darker shade than the skin, add some moisturizer and lighten it. And to darken the shade of the foundation, add some brown eyeshadow and aloe vera gel to it. Though it will not be the exact one, it will serve your purpose. Also, for a flawless look, blend your foundation correctly.

2. Concealing blemishes and dark circles

Concealing Dark Circles

Now your foundation has hidden the spots that you want to hide, it is time to highlight some of your favorite features such as cheekbone, nose, and jawline. Always choose a concealer one shade darker than the foundation for better coverage. Use the concealer on all the parts that give your face a great shape and blend it perfectly with the help of a brush, beauty blender, or simply with your fingertips.

The benefit of concealing: Concealing hides all the dark circles and scratches on your face and provides a look everyone will love.

3. Defining your brows 

Eyes Brows

Now as you have set your face with the complexion you want, it is time to do some eye makeup by defining your eyebrows with an attractive look. It would be best to give your eyebrows a proper shape, such as an arch, round, or natural look. For this:

  • Choose the right product for your eyebrows. That means you need black eye shadow powder to darken your brows. A proper eyebrow brush is required to comb and style it.
  • First, you brush your eyebrows upward and outward to style them, and then take some black eyeshadow powder to fill the sparse areas.

Style tip: Do not overdo your eyebrows because overdoing them can make you look weird. Let it be natural with a tint of shape.

4. Applying neutral eyeshadow 

Applying Eyeshadow

To have a natural makeup look, you need to have a neutral eyeshadow on your eyes. The best possible option for neutral eyeshadow is a nude color. This color is in trend and suits every attire you are wearing. You can crease your eye bone with one shade of dark color. With this, you can highlight your eye bone, and your look will stay natural.

Tip to remember: Make sure to use fluffy brushes for eye makeup. These are mainly designed for better coverage.

5. Work on your lashes 


After applying eye shadow and eyeliner with the help of eye shadow, the next step is to define your lashes. Mostly feminine love to have long lashes with some volume. For this look, they use mascara on the lashes because it helps fulfill the purpose. For this, you should:

  • Many mascaras in the market can help you achieve your dream of great lashes. So choose the right one according to your need.
  • While applying mascara, keep in mind not to smudge your eye makeup. So be careful at the time of application of it.
  • Use the wand from the base of the lashes and pull it upward for a natural look.

Style tip: You can apply petroleum jelly before applying mascara on the lashes. It will help you add volume to your lashes, which will look great after mascara.

6. Adding a hint of blush 

Hint of Blush

After completing your eye makeup, it’s time to highlight your cheekbones and add some pop of color to your face. For this, makeup artists use blush and give your face a pinkish look by highlighting the cheekbones in a C shape. You only need to pick the blusher’s right shade and apply it with a round fluffy brush. Now in a C-shape, apply the blusher on your cheeks and nose.

Tip to remember: There are many types of blush in the market, such as cream, powder, and tint. So, choose according to your skin. Also, remember not to blend the cream or liquid blush with your fingertips. Moreover, use tissue paper to bloat the extra blusher from your face and set it down.

7. Finishing with a natural lip color


Now you have done all the makeup and achieved the almost no makeup look on your face. After applying neutral-shaded lipstick or lip gloss on your lips, the rest will be done. All you need to do is choose a light shade of lipstick that should be close to your lip color. Try to use cream lipsticks for this. Apply it according to your lip shape and top it with a lip gloss for a shiny and hydrated look.

Style tip: Avoid using bold and dark lipstick shades for a no-makeup look.

Points to remember:

Here are some things to keep in mind while doing a no-makeup makeup look:

  1. Use your fingertips wherever possible to have a soft and blurry effect. Try to use a blender and sponges for a foundation to minimize the coverage.
  2. Do not use bold and bright colors for eyes and lips.
  3. You can add shimmer to your eyes but in a minimal quantity. The natural look does not involve glittery eyes.
  4. You can use a tinted lip balm if you do not want to apply lipstick. Tinted lip balm adds some shine to your lips.


Indeed, natural beauty is the best, attracting everyone quickly. Yet, if you want a no-makeup makeup look, you can use the steps mentioned above to achieve it. But do not forget to love your natural skin and beauty; when you start to love it, you will feel motivated and energized all day. Being genuine will attract success as well as people toward you.

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