8 Popular Indian Foods in Canada

Canada is the home of immigrants from various countries, and India is one of them. Most of the immigrants in Canada are from India, and that is why you can find a lot of Indian food nowadays in Canada. India is a country famous for its flavorsome dishes and the unique combination of spices in the making of dishes. India has many cultures, and each has its flavor and taste. This diversity leads to outstanding, delicious dishes.

At first, it was challenging to find some Indian taste in Canada. Still, nowadays, you can find pure vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian options in every corner of Canada. Whether it is Hyderabadi biryani or South Indian Dosa, Delhi’s Butter Chicken or Punjabi Chole Bhature, Gujarati Dhokhla or Mumbai’s Vada Pav, you can taste every item at different places in Canada through different Indian restaurants.

8 Famous Indian Foods in Canada

Here is the list of the 8 most popular Indian foods in Canada that you can also try while being in Canada:

1. Rogan Josh: 

Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh is a famous food of the Indian state Kashmir made of meat. It is curried meat and made of red meat such as lamb, mutton, or goat. Various herbs like cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves also give it a sweet and attractive smell. The meat is full of tenderness and juicy. The dish is made with great patience so the meat will not be overcooked and stay stewed, chewy, and soft. It is served with famous Indian basmati rice, flatbread, or naan. You can visit Leela Indian Food Bar in Toronto, ON, for the best Rogan Josh in Canada.

2. Chole Bhature:

Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature is the famous Punjabi dish in India. These are so famous in Punjabi houses that they generally make them every weekend at home or order them online. It combines two dishes: Puri, that is fried bread, and channa masala. For puri, it’s just like the regular roti but fried, and for the channa masala, they make a chickpea mix cooked with various herbs and spices, including Garlic and Onion. You will find multiple kinds of chickpeas, but the smaller ones are more delicious. You can visit Delhi Touch in Toronto, ON, or Desi Boyz Indian Restaurant in Mississauga, ON, for the best Chole Bhature with 5-star ratings.

3. Butter Chicken:

Butter Chicken

Another famous dish of India’s capital, Delhi, is Butter chicken. This dish is traditionally known as murgh makhani. It is a curry made from chicken with spiced tomato and butter sauce. This sauce is full of texture. Chicken is marinated with various herbs and spices before the dish is prepared. The same curry is also used for the vegetarian options, where Paneer replaces the chicken, and the dish is named Paneer makhani. It’s indeed challenging to bring the same taste as you found in India, yet some of the restaurants, like Saffron Indian Bistro in Calgary, AB, or Chutney’s in Edmonton, AB.

4. Dhokla:


It is a famous dish of Gujarat and is generally used in their daily meal as breakfast. It is very light and delicious food that anyone can like. It is a savory spongy dish made up of ground, fermented rice batter, and lentils like channa dal or urad dal. There are various types of Dhokhla. Some are made up of besan, spices, lemon juice, and a leavening agent. It is a steamed dish to give it a cake-like consistency. You can visit Sai-Lila KhamanDhokhla House in Scarborough, ON, to have the best dhoklas in Canada.

5. Vada Pav:

Vada Pav

Mumbai is famous for its vada pav. It is a delicious dish comprised of a vada and bread. It is a pure vegetarian dish made with potatoes that is called vada. The potatoes are deep fried with various spice blends, given the shape of a dumpling, and placed in a bread specially called pav, which is square. Some chutneys and dips are used inside the bread and given separately as well. If you want to eat the best vada pav in Canada, you must visit VadaPav Mirchi by Geeta in New Westminster, BC.

6. Dosa: 


Dosa is a famous dish in south India. It is very light and their daily breakfast dish. These are the thin discs made of fermented lentils and rice batter. There are various kinds of dosa in which people fill these thin discs with filling like onion, paneer, and potatoes. These are often compared to crepe, but the crispy texture of dosa makes it different from them. These are served with various chutneys, especially coconut chutney, and a sambar, a saucy stew made of different vegetables. You can visit Dosa Dosa in Brampton, ON, or Dosa Eatery in Niagara Falls, ON.

7. Pani-Puri: 


It is the famous dish of all over India. In the northern region, it is called Golgappe; in the southwestern region, it is called Pani-puri; in Bihar, it is called Puchka. No Indian can deny their love for this dish. This dish is made of two dishes, as the name says. One is puri, and the other is pani. Puri is a small, deep-fried round-shaped bread, and pani is made of mint, coriander, and a blend of spices. Together with puri, a side of potato, onion, and chickpea, which is filled with puri, is given. You can visit Bombay Chaat and Paan in Montreal, QC, to eat the famous pani-puri of India.

8. Hakka Noodles:

Hakka Noodles

Hakka noodles are a famous Indo-Chinese dish of stir-fried vegetables, noodles, and sauces. It is trendy in Indian restaurants and street stalls, which is why Indian people love to have Indian-stylehakka noodles in Canada. The noodles used in this dish are prepared from unleavened refined wheat flour. These are then boiled and mixed with stir-fried vegetables and sauces, especially soya sauce. If you want to eat Indian street-style Hakka Noodles, you must visit BunnyBay in Brampton, ON.


Indeed, it is true that it’s challenging to find the exact Indian taste in Canada. Still, the Indian restaurants here try their best to give Indian customers the same taste. They imported Indian spices so that you can enjoy India and not miss your culture and delicious taste. We are not advertising any place but living in Brampton; we experienced this food cafe named BunnyBay in Brampton, which has the same taste as India and even Indian Candies in their food cafe.

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