15 Different Types of Heels

People worldwide know how much women are crazy about fashion and style, and when it comes to footwear, they don’t leave a chance to be a fashionista. But sometimes a problem occurs that they need to know which footwear with which heel suits them best. So, this will help you in getting knowledge about the different types of heels you all love to wear.

Scroll it down and you will get a list of different types of heels:

  1. Peep Toes Heels

Peep Toes Heels-min

These beautiful types of heels that look like you are peeping on someone. The look of this type of heels is how your toes look out at the environment. It comes in various heights and designs, but the higher the heels, the better you look.

Fashion Advice: A free-of-cost advice is to pair these types of heels with your dresses and give a bold look to your feet by painting the nails.

  1. The Slingback Heels

 The Slingback Heels

This adorable heel type can enhance your beauty when you wear them. Many women love to wear these heels as they support the back of their feet and become comfortable. Also, it gives a new look to their feet. It comes with different heel sizes for every occasion.

Fashion Advice: You can pair them up with casual dresses, such as at the office, work, or a formal event.

  1. The Mule Heels

                      The Mule Heels       

This is an easy, slip-on heel you can wear quickly. The reason behind the love towards it is that women can wear it in seconds, just like here you go! It comes with a soft sole and a lot of colours and variety.

Fashion Advice: To look elegant and intelligent, match these heels with Denims, jackets, and chic dresses.

  1. Wedge Heels 

 Wedge Heels

A pair of heels that beginners love the most due to uneasiness and fear of falling. Wedge heels are made with the style to let new ones practice their walking technique and make them confident about heels. These types of high heels are stable and a gift for beginners.

Fashion Advice: These heels can be paired with any dress as they give a simple yet stylish look.

  1. The Strap Heels

The Strap Heels 

Also called ankle strap heels as there is a belt near your ankle. It helps to give support to your feet and makes walking comfortable. These come in different types of high heelsthat range from 1 inch to 6 inches.

Fashion Advice: Try to match these heels with Jeans, skirts, and denim. It will give you an elegant and gorgeous look.

  1. Kitten Heels

Kitten Heels

The best heels for those who do not want height and an uncomforted feel while wearing high heels. These heels will give you an uplifting look and elegance in your beauty while, on the other hand, you will be very comfortable.

Fashion Advice:  You can pair these heels with skirts, jumpsuits, and jackets.

  1. Cone Heels 

Cone Heels

A great type of heels loved by women due to their shape. According to its name, it looks like a cone, which means more comprehensive at the top, and as you go down, it starts getting narrower. These heel types are especially loved by those who want to avoid wearing long high heels as they are less comfortable.

Fashion Advice: Try to pair these heels with the casual dress you wear at work or in the daytime.

  1. Stilettos 


These heels are the queen of all heels, or they rule over every time. It is because of the length of up to 6 inches, the very long one. It might seem very dangerous to wear, but as you know, practice makes a man perfect, and wearing high heels make a woman perfect.

Fashion Advice: You can match these heels with jeans, skirts, or long dresses.

  1. Platform Heels

 Platform Heels

These are commonly confused with wedge heels, but both are different at their ends. Platform heels are broad from the front and match the sole’s width with the heel’s height. Women love to wear them due to the comfort they get while wearing them.

Fashion Advice: This heel type goes better with flair pants, skirts, and tights.

  1. Cut-Out Heels

Cut-Out Heels

These gorgeous heels cover either the ankle and leg or just the ankle. It gives you a stylish look with grace. They come in various sizes and shapes, but the reason for so much love they get is the sexy look women get after wearing them.

Fashion Advice: Try these types of heels with skirts, jumpsuits and dresses to look graceful and catch everyone’s eye.

  1. French Heels

 French Heels

These types of heels were loved during the vintage age due to their look. And as we know, history repeats itself and similarly happens with fashion. Women have much interest in it when they have to attend a vintage party.

Fashion Advice: Try these heels with long flowing dresses and party hard!

  1. Pumps


These types of heels are for those ladies who want to wear heels but not so high heels, such as stilettos. These heels are just 3 to 4 inches tall and look great as they are flat on the front.

Fashion Advice: Wear these heels with any outfit, whether party time or work. It gives you an eye-catching look.

  1. Cork High Heels

 Cork High Heels

As the name says, the heels of this type are made of cork material. It will help comfort your feet and is loved by those ladies who want to wear lightweight heels. They take all the pressure from your feet, and you can enjoy it fully.

Fashion Advice: Pair them with any western dress, and bang! You will look fabulous.

  1. Oxfords


These types of heels look like shoes but are not. They give you an elevated look and victorian finish to your dress. They were much more popular in the Victorian age.

Fashion Advice:  Try to pair them with mom jeans or trousers. You can also try them with monochrome outfits.

  1. Chunky Heels 

 Chunky Heels

If you are a huge fan of heels and want to try something new, these heels are just made for you. A comfortable base and stylish look at the back enhance your face with a chunky style.

Fashion Advice: Try these heels with simple outfits, as they are already enough to make you look mesmerizing.

Women are always crazy about heels, and this craze will follow them till the world ends. The difficulty arises when they have to choose the best heel they can wear with their best outfit and catch everyone’s attention. The easiest solution is a “heel hunt”, just like a treasure hunt, which means try them out and select the one you want. So, get ready and steal all the hearts with a bang! 

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