20 Different Types of Skirts

The only clothing that is never out of trend is skirts. Skirts have been in the movement for centuries and vary from time to time based on their length and shape. It is the reason why women get confused while choosing them. There are a ton of dresses in the world, but you need direction to help you find the right path. Choose the right one from different types of skirts.

There are obvious choices in front of you, such as pencil skirts and high waist skirts, from lacy dresses to denim skirts and everything related to your taste and style. You can also try skirts to experiment with your looks. In this, you will get the direction to lessen your work.

Here are 20 different types of skirts you can choose from:

1. A-Line Skirt

A-Line Skirt

A-line skirts are best for those women who want to look taller. This skirt suits every body type and is suitable for every style. It is usually knee-length and triangular when laid flat. It is easy to sew and is loved for all kinds of fabric.

The A-line skirt flares from the waist and does not stick to the hips. Due to its bursts, it is easy to walk in this skirt. These dresses are generally tight on the waist and shaped like the alphabet ‘A’.

These look great when paired with loose tops and classic heels or flats.

2. Flared Skirt

Flared Skirt

A flared skirt gets loose towards the bottom. It contains flares in it. Its hemline is wide and flowing. Flare skirts look good on all women except the skinnier ones because they make them much thinner. Flare skirts are fantastic for warmer months. This dress come in all fabrics, including denim, cotton and silk.

Try to pair flare skirts with a tight-fitting top.

3. Box Pleat Skirt 

Box Pleat Skirt -min

Box Pleat Skirt is one of those pleat skirts that are always famous. A box pleat is made by joining two pleats to let them meet each other, creating a box of those creases. This pattern follows till the round bottom of the skirt. The fabric used in making these types of dresses is thick to give them a voluminous shape.

Try to pair them with a white or pastel shirt, nude pumps, and a leather bag.

4. Bubble Skirt

The bubble skirt is a puffed one near the hem. This trend has been getting attention since the 1950s due to that puffed silhouette. Even the fabric is tucked under the hem to give it a bold look. You can wear them at prom parties, and there are some casual bubble skirts to wear in your everyday routine.

Try to pair printed bubble skirts with plain tops and plain bubble skirts with printed tops.

5. Circular Skirt 

Circular Skirt

Circular skirt, also known as a skater skirt, is cut in a circle shape. A waistband attached to the dress comes at the wearer’s waist. The skirt forms a circle when it is laid flat. It takes a fair amount of fabric. It varies in length from long to short and sassy. It looks good to wear outside or is mainly used for tennis skirts. A double-circle dress is also used to give it more flare.

6. Wrapped Skirt

A wrap skirt is flattering as it is wrapped around your figure and tied tight around your waist. It is longer in the front and shorter at the back, creating a unique design. You can wear a wrapped skirt on any occasion using its different variations. Some belted dresses use ties to fasten them around the waist, giving them a gorgeous look. The main thing is it suits every body type.

Try pairing these wrap skirts with a graphic tee or a classic white tee with chunky heels or sneakers.

7. Mini Skirt:

Mini Skirt

A very prominent dress of the 1960s; as the name implies, it is very short. Mainly, it stops at or above the knees. It is smaller than any average skirt, which makes it to wear for special occassion and casual wear. The person who made these popular all over the world was Designer Mary Quant. Traditionally, mini skirts are fitted but can also be flared or circular.

Try mini skirts made of denim fabric for a casual look.

8. Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are the most loved by women who are indulged in the professional and business world. These are the dresses that are cut down straight to the expected length. It lengthens to the knees and forms a rectangular shape when laid flat. At the same time, some pencil skirts may taper inward at the knee. The fabric making these types of dresses is mainly stretchable, with a slit at the side or back. It makes you let walk easily.

Try to pair them with crop tops, peplum tops, and blazers.

9. Handkerchief Skirts

As the name suggests, this type of skirt look-alike a handkerchief, the fabric hanging down just like a handkerchief. Handkerchief shapes are attached and drop down from the waist. It is cut in a rectangular or square shape to get this look. The fabric used to make them is soft, not to give volume to the dress.  

10. Pleated Skirt

Pleated Skirt

In this type of skirt, the fabric is gathered around the waist to give it the shape of creases. Pleated skirts suit many body types, including pear-shaped and hourglass figures. For a pear-shaped figure, it is the best choice as it helps to create an illusion of a smaller waistline and curvier lower half. There are two main pleated skirts- one is full length, and the other is half. The full size is suitable for professional settings, while the latter is for casual wear.

11. Denim Skirt 

Denim Skirt

The best choice is to treat your summer or fall season with a great binge. Mainly, denim skirts are darker, but you can choose lighter shades. These are amazing outfits for office settings. You can also switch to knee-length denim dresses when it is cold outside.

12. Maxi Skirt 

Maxi Skirt -min

A maxi skirt falls just above the ground, making it easier to carry and comfortable. These are suitable for many occasions, from casual days at home to special events such as weddings. Please do not mix it with long dresses as they are different.

13. Tulip Skirt

This type of dress is based on a straight skirt design, but the hem edge is irregular. Due to this shape, it appears like a tulip. The dress is more comprehensive as compared to its waist. Girls with hourglass and pear-shaped bodies will look beautiful while wearing these tulip skirts.

14. Mermaid Skirt 

Mermaid Skirt 
Image : Pinterest

Mermaid skirt, also known as a fishtail skirt, is similar to the shape of a fish. This shape is mainly used in wedding gowns, with the back becoming a train which can be short or long. It looks fabulous when an hourglass wearer wears this.

15. Tiered and Layered Skirt

Tiered and Layered Skirt

These types of skirts are similar in the effect they create. Many layers of the fabric give it a swing and fullness. There is a slight difference in both tiered and layered skirts; tiered skirts are made by joining the layers together, while the latter may have layers to give a ruffle look.

16. Cowl Skirt

Cowl Skirt
Image : Pinterest

Cowl skirt is a skirt that has a full-line shape of four flaring panels. Each panel has a cowl on the vertical seam side. It has hanging draped folds on one or both sides that create the effect of extended hips. It forms a box-pleated skirt pattern at the waist. This pattern is formed due to the fullness which gathers around the waist. If you want to create this at home, all you need to do is mark the three points from where you can cut the curved lines, cut it and alter accordingly. When you open this skirt, it will give you fullness and creates a fold draped at the sides of the skirt. Soft-flowing fabrics are the best choice for this.

17. Gathered Skirt

Gathered Skirt

This type of skirt is a very straightforward style. It is a skirt whose fabric is drawn together around the waist. It can be of any length, from short to full. However, the best materials for these skirts will be fine to medium-weight. To cut a gathered skirt, you need a rectangular piece of fabric. Remember that the width should be enough to cover hips and offer ease in sitting. 

18. Godet and Gored Skirt

Godet and Gored Skirt
Image : Pinterest

Godet and gored skirts offer great flares and movement. Godet is the flared shape of a triangular form attached to the rest of the skirt to provide extra movement. The upper part of the skirt is fitted with these godets inserted either on the hem or at the bottom. The dress is made of a series of stitched panels. That is why the measurements are divided accordingly. 

19. High/Low Skirt

mullet skirts
Image : Pinterest

As the name describes, it’s a type of skirt with a higher front than the back. It creates an effect of high and low. These are also known as asymmetrical, waterfall, or mullet skirts. These skirts are popular in the summer season due to their shape. The best fabric for these skirts is soft flowing. 

20. Sarong Skirt 

Sarong Skirt 

These skirts are the best to carry to a beach or a casual day by the pool. It got wrapped around the waist and tied at the side. The length may vary; you can choose whatever size you want. The fabric used to create these skirts is mainly cotton and natural. These skirts mostly show one of your legs due to the slit that occurs when you walk.

Wraping Up

With these skirts mentioned above and all the exciting styles available, choosing one for your body type is very painless. Wear the best one and flaunt yourself with a fashion statement. There is nothing good or bad, right or wrong, to wear the best and choose whatever you like. So, go on and flaunt your style.

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